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Top 10 Reasons to Replace the Foam in your Cushions

  1. They are uncomfortable.
  2. They look sloppy.
  3. Pet soiled them.
  4. Pet ate them.
  5. Cheaper than buying new furniture.
  6. Like your mattress, cushions should be replaced periodically.
  7. Save the environment by not putting furniture in landfills.
  8. It is fun to customize the look and feel and make your furniture more comfortable than ever.
  9. Lumps showing and Feathers poking out.
  10. Fresh new look.

How to Measure

Sofa cushions don't last forever.  Like your mattress, cushions lose their shape becoming uncomfortable and unsanitary over time.  Replacing your foam inserts gives your sofa a long-awaited, new life!

New foam inserts will reinvigorate your entire room providing a new, fresh look to that old slouchy couch.  Enjoy new, Your family, guests, and pets will love your choice to upgrade your cushions for many years to come!

Ordering is easy!

Choose from our standard, premium, or luxury level foam and foam combinations.  By customizing your foam combination you are sure to get the exact level of comfort and quality that you desire. 

All of our foam is rated to assure you that you are getting that quality you are looking and paying for. 

Our method and technique ensures a good fit for long lasting comfort and performance. 

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